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Terms and Conditions

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Business and websites

The Specialists is a trading name of BXC Consultancy Ltd, company registration number 7545142.

“The Specialists” has set out the following terms and conditions. These must be agreed to prior to any work taking place.

  • Charges are payable as specified in the following terms and conditions. They are due on an ongoing basis until this contract is terminated. 
  • The charges are inclusive of any third party payments that we may make on your behalf, for example registration fees for websites payable to the applicable domain name registry. 
  • VAT and other taxes and duties (where applicable) are payable in addition to the charges for the service(s)/product(s).
  • If you do not make payment on the due date, we will:
  •  i) be entitled to charge you interest on the amount owing (both before and after judgment) on the amount unpaid at the rate of 4% per annum above the base rate from time to time of Yorkshire Bank Plc, such interest accruing on a daily basis from the date that payment falls due until the date that payment is made in full, and/or
  • ii) suspend the service(s)/product(s) until payment is made in full, and/or
  • iii) terminate the Contract in whole or in part and cease providing the service(s)/product(s).
  • If any payment paid to us by you in payment of the request and/or services and/or product, is not honoured for any reason:
  •  i) registration and/or the service and/or product to which the payment relates will be suspended pending payment of the outstanding account in full together with a “failed payment” charge of £25 plus VAT.
  •  ii) you will not be able to register new domains or set up new services or transfer services away but services already paid for will continue to operate. The commencement date of the contract is the time of the order.

Abortive work

Unless otherwise agreed in writing if you instruct us to proceed, either verbally, in email or by letter, on a website project which becomes abortive during build of the website because you withdraw from or you terminate for any reason at any point in the project,  we shall be entitled to 50% of the fee we would otherwise have received had the agreed website services proceeded to completion.
In the case of consultancy services and all design work, an abortive fee will be calculated and payable by you according to our hourly rate at the time for all work done.

Renewal terms and information

We reserve the right to suspend web hosting and email accounts if payment is not received by the renewal date. If your domain name is not renewed it will become available for third party registrations. If you do not wish to renew this service please contact us. We will not be liable in respect of the non-renewal of a service if, having sent you a renewal invoice, we do not receive the applicable payment, or if you fail to notify us of a change of contact details.

Cancelling Services

Customers can cancel their service with us at any time in accordance with the General and Renewal terms set out above. For websites, a customer usually contracts with us for a minimum period of 12 months after which time the contract will lapse if it is not renewed. However, there are other minimum periods which are available and/or applicable to certain services and products. Please contact us for more information in this regard or if you are unsure which minimum period applies to your service/product.


We will consider all refunds depending on the product/service you have and the circumstances giving rise to the request for a refund. Please contact us for details.